Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Librarians Rule.

In the classrooms they freeze us, but the weather is balmy. I encounter bikers with face masks, and wish I'd acquired the same. I can feel my lungs struggling to filter the fine dusky motes of pollen that gathers on every surface. If only memory were so clingy.

Sleep seeks me out at 8pm every night, I bat it away only to get too little in the nights. But we got a sign-off on our group practice MP today. The amazing Ford librarian, Amy Brennan, got a waive of $700 in fees that I accrued from a very late return of audiobooks. And I just ate two cookies.

I'm enjoying my classes this term - one on corporate sustainability and two others on entrepreneurial finance and execution. I've been so intrigued by the readings from my corporate sustainability course - to see how some of the big pushes by nonprofits are seen from the corporate side has been interesting. Some of the science and topics are given much more weight from the corporate side in terms of their importance to environmental conservation than they are by environmental professionals.

Tonight is "date night" for Ben and I. It's a trick I learned from my business school classmates - we are almost across the board self-perpetuated overachievers, who also care about our personal lives. It turns out that having a no-excuses date night once a week is the only way to ensure that our relationship has some non-interrupted, 100% dedicated to each other, time. We half-joke sometimes that the most time we spend together is unconscious time (sleeping next to each other!) This is simply the reality of two busy people living and loving together - it's a gift, too.
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