Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Noloholo, Day 7: Katniss and bride prices

At 6pm, Tuma comes up to the program office with a colander of warm popcorn – it is light, crispy and flavored with just a hint of butter – who would have thought that I’d have some of the best popcorn of my life in Noloholo? With this gift, he cements his place in my heart!

The day has been mostly work but a little play. I finish a second draft of the survey and spend the rest of the day in Excel land, figuring out the best way to teach budgeting to both the women’s group and to Reto-o-Reto. After lunch, though, was the real fun. We went down to visit the Hadzabe, who are still cooking their elephant meat, and asked them to teach us how to shoot their bows and arrows. Their weapons are things of real beauty – fletched with bird feathers, decorated with delicate cross-hatch designs – and entirely hand-carved out of wood. It takes a few tries, but I finally strike the target – a milk box set about 100 feet away. It was a lucky shot though, as I don’t come anywhere close for the rest of the afternoon. What impresses me the most is how deadly the arrow flies when the Hadza shoot it. They may be diminutive men, but when they hunker up for a shot and let the arrow go, it is really terrifying…especially when we see what a neat puncture wound the arrow makes in the milk box! Afterward they bring us over to their elephant meat tree and show us how to make fire. Then we talk about bride prices and family matters. There are still many rituals around courting/flirting before one gets married as a Hadza. One tells us that when he got married, he had to kill an adult male zebra for his bride’s family, and only then was he allowed to take her as his wife. When Kelly told him that both Andrew and I had partners who were waiting for us over the summer, he was amazed at the concept. The moment he leaves on a trip, he says, it’s playtime for both people!

I turn in early but end up reading, and then toss and turn all night. Tomorrow is going to be a looong day
Tags: travel - tanzania, women in business
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