Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Noloholo, Day 14: Paced

Tobiko came by to chat with me while I was sitting on the patio this morning. He has a kind, gap-toothed smile and was about to water the bird bath. I have to say I bungled it terribly; my ear is barely able to pick out the verbs and even when I do, I can’t remember the meaning. The conversation involved a lot of ways to say hello, how are you, and good-bye. It doesn’t help that half of his words are in Maasai, not even Swahili. Sigh. Working on it.

It’s windy today, with a chill in the air. Buddy has come down with an intense cold, and I’ve heard some of the staff sneezing down below. I remind myself to eat and sleep enough; the last thing I need here is the flu. Maybe some yoga today is in order; it would be the perfect thing to get my system rolling again.

Christy tells us that last night they saw a number of exciting birds and animals on the drive; they got back late due to a few wrong turns and having encountered some Dorobo honey-gatherers who then bonded with their Hadzabe hunter-gatherer brethren from the north.

The afternoon passes uneventfully. More project work, and a fruitful meeting with Andrew, Christy and Laly about what we’ve been working on the past couple of weeks, and what else might be done. Tuma makes popcorn and we sit on the patio and deliberate.

There is suddenly more to do than will comfortably fit in the next 8 weeks, and I feel happy with that; it feels like being a joint-degree student again and it is the pace that I know best.
Tags: travel - tanzania
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