Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Noloholo, Day 22: Oral Rehydration Solution - elixir of the gods.

When I think about the memory of this day, it is filled with the flavor of orange Oral Rehydration Solution. It is: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, orange flavoring and glucose. It doesn't quite taste good, as it has the flavor of diluted seawater with a vague orange scent. But, I soldier through it and keep pouring as much down my gullet as I can manage. ORS works because it helps the large intestine bind water and carry it pass the walls of the intestine and back into the bloodstream, where it belongs. This helps to prevent diarrhea, dehydration and various other ailments that I have been experiencing this week. I drank a liter of it this morning, and another half liter throughout the day. By the time late afternoon rolls around, my stomach ailment has been resolved. I wonder why I didn’t start that treatment 3 days ago. Next time I will not wait so long.

Breakfast is late but delicious: French toast, Tuma-style. He gave me an entire plate (4 slices) just for me. Perhaps I look too skinny?

I have the place to myself in the morning. Kelly and Neo are at wildlife club meetings. Andrew is with his parents at Boundary Hill in Tarangire. Christy, Laly and Buddy are out on morning wildlife counts. I sit quietly and work on my survey. I am rewarded when I finally finish this draft of it in the late afternoon. Tuma brings up popcorn and I share it with Shayo, one of the village game scouts, and pretty much anyone else who walks in the door.

My first real shower happens in the evening, though again at nighttime. One of these days I will shower in the light.. perhaps then I will actually be able to tell whether I am getting myself any cleaner! A big black water bucket is set on a platform, with a tube and spigot extending out of it. There is a shower set up – a green canvas square, surrounded by a thatch wall. It is lovely to have the water falling from over my head, but I am unnerved by not knowing how much water is left. Still, it feels marvelous to be clean again.

Dinner is lovely. Moroccan style stewed chicken over couscous with salad and a bottle of red wine. I feel productive and relaxed, and very much comfortable in my own shoes here. Tomorrow is Sunday. We may go down to the village for a Maasai coming-of-age ceremony. I hope also to have much time to think about my past week and about what I have made of myself since breaking down last weekend.

I sink into bed with the rustle of the wind and the steady song of the grasshoppers around me, feeling very peaceful and easy. Perhaps it is just the effects of the wine, or finally feeling healthy again, but whatever it is, I’ll gladly take it.

Tags: travel - tanzania
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