Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Noloholo, Day 30: Tortoise Tribulations

I start reading Les Miserables, having finally finished Mattheissen’s book. I’m afraid it isn’t nearly as entertaining as the musical, but I will persist…for a while anyway.

I wake up at 7 when Paulo drives off to get water, and spend the morning trying to memorize my Swahili vocabulary. We make brunch as usual for Buddy and Laly – scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns. I will have to start running soon; I am getting too much protein and it is all going to my hips. Laly brings us a “pet,” that she found by the dorms. It’s a leopard tortoise, no bigger than the lid of a peanut butter jar. We put it in a woven basket and try to feed it lettuce, but it won’t eat. We consider releasing it back to the dangerous wilderness.

The office is spotless; the whole staff has been cleaning and tidying the premise in anticipation of summer camp and our visitors. We are open for business!

The day brings its share of tribulations. Andrew tries to print the summer camp workbook, only to find that the printer is out of blue ink. The power goes out. It comes back on. It goes out again. And comes back on. Nobody is really sure what’s going on, so we cross our fingers and hope for the best. It seems our SIM cards were registered on a one-month temporary plan, which is why we all lost access yesterday. Buddy is going to try and send all the appropriate information to the appropriate authorities tomorrow, but we may be out of luck if Buddy's contact decides not to help us.

I’ve taken the rain cover off my tent, just to see what will happen. We shall see whether or not I freeze to death tonight.

This afternoon during my spring cleaning I found that a spider had built a web in one corner of my tent, and had many little bundles around it - captured ants, I think. Nonetheless, I moved him to a more appropriate location in the grass outside. I did laundry, which got me feeling active enough to finally break out my Theraband and do a few basic exercises in my tent. It’s been tough to do them outside - for some reason I can’t seem to keep my balance when the flies start landing on me. It tickles too much! So, the day passes. There is a lot going on, but most of it seems to involve me in only the most peripheral of ways. I sit back, and watch it all go by.
Tags: travel - tanzania
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