Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Noloholo, Day 33: Independence

The four of us sit in the program office, satiated on popcorn and Tang, relaxing as the sun goes down. Summer camp kids played lots of games today that involved running around and tagging each other, and then went out with APW’s village game scouts to see how game counts work. Our guests went off with Laly and Buddy to walk with the Hadzabe, and for a couple of hours in the afternoon I had the office to myself. I thought I would enjoy the peace and quiet, but I found myself missing the hubbub almost immediately!

We ended up having a fourth of July celebration, even out here. First we had a slideshow of photographs to show the kids about life in America. We talked about the founding of the country, Independence from Britain (which the kids can definitely relate to, have just achieved this milestone in Tanzania in 1961) and about the history of other colonizers. We talked about where people in America come from, using President Barack Obama as an example of how people in America come from everywhere but are all Americans. Then we showed photos of fireworks, played our national anthem, and halfway through Buddy terrified all the little ones by setting off loud poppers outside of the classroom. The ones closest to the sound scattered like mice from a cat. They were so scared! We were just laughing and laughing, and feeling happy that we could celebrate our wonderful country from so far away.

Although the early part of the day felt distinctly frustrating, it ended with such a feeling of carefree happiness, that I find myself intensely grateful for the companionship of my fellow Americans, and for the opportunity to apply my distinctly American skills to hopefully make a difference for APW and for the people in this community.

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