Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Noloholo, Days 58-59: Busy Days

Work is in full swing, now. Yesterday was not a day of rest for anyone at camp - there was too much to do. I took a few hours off to do laundry, sweep my tent and help make brunch. And then I met with Laly and Buddy to work out survey and leadership training logistics, prepared my survey for pretesting and to train Elvis on it tomorrow, and worked on a natural resource commission project management & budgeting training. It's a lucky thing that Fuqua drove me so hard; I know that I can handle the crazy workload now we are so crunched for time!

There is a very long trench running through the middle of my campsite now, since Buddy and Laly’s new house is going to be located just downslope of me, and the water sources are upslope. In the mornings, I have to get dressed before the construction staff starts trickling over. I was a little embarrassed after doing laundry – the only way to dry my clothes and have the not blow away is to hang them on a nearby bush. So, the brightest thing in my campsite now is a bush strew with various ladies’ undergarments.

Sadly, the old lady elephant in Loibor Siret died yesterday, and so APW put up some camera traps around her, hoping that predators would show up eventually. Instead, we get ghostly photos of a herd of elephants – perhaps the one that had left her previously – filtering around her in the night, touching her body with their trunks, and then disappearing again. I wonder: Did they just “know” that she’d died? Or have they been coming every night to check on her? Or did they smell something not-right on the breeze?

We finally corner Elvis into starting survey training today. I’m pleased – we’re actually on schedule! In the evening, Christy helps me set a grid over a map of Narakawo. On Tueday, Elvis will come back and do a second practice survey with one of our Maasai staff, and then I’ll practice my sample selection methods and select bomas for him to do all his pretesting. Moses finishes the Maa translation today as well. Progress!

I complete training materials for Reto o Reto, do pilates on the patio (much to the amusement and possible consternation of our newest team of Hadzabe) and pick up Fitzgerald’s “Tender is the Night” to finish what I started last summer. It's good to leave some things undone, so as to always have something to look forward to.

Tags: travel - tanzania, wildlife conservation
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