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Where to start? Perhaps in the studio, with its lilting music, endless energies, and a chance encounter with my first real ballroom coach, a woman who taught me about being a dancer in 2005 and put the seed of this crazy dream in my head to begin with. Or on the rumbling stony faced hurtle of the subway, sharing an amused glance with the girl across from me when a woman rolls her Pomeranians on in a mesh cart. Perhaps I ought to talk about the nor'easter that blew a temporary icing of snow over my quiet Queens neighborhood, while I stubbornly refused to go outside. Or the endless searching on Craigslist for a new home.

I feel the tide of life surging over me in this past week, foaming with the purpose of near-meaningless tasks: finding an apartment, a dance partner, making my monthly keep. Has it been just a week here, truly? I feel, for now, the same sensation of beginning and wide open opportunity that I did when I first began my MBA. Every day seems fresh and sweet, from the old lady strangers on the street making small talk with me, to the brisk cold cold of the wind while I wait for the bus on a late night. The days feel long, but with fullness rather than echoes. This was the momentum I needed.

I cannot imagine myself more adult-life lucky (except of course to have Ben closer). My job is fun but very challenging as I feel I have so much to learn from the others around me. This is true also of being in this studio, where 50% of the dancers are just so far beyond my level that I am constantly reminded of what a large hill I must climb. What I think I am most excited about is the sensation that I can grow here in all things for many more years.

Aside from these things, I am overjoyed to be in a city where I have friendships that go back decades, literally. They are friends that I've known since I was 6, that I feel utterly content to be with.

So that perhaps is the overwhelming sensation I have had here so far, contentment - of course there are always things to improve, to strive toward, but I feel strongly at the moment that this is my road that I was meant to walk.

And so, this Sunday I will head to Burlington, VT for client meetings and hopefully Lake Champlain chocolates. Thanksgiving in Durham is just a couple short weeks away, and winter is already here. And here I go.

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