Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

The Great Adventure in Happiness

It is 5am and a representative from the bus company has just told us, for the second time, that "if you have anything illegal, throw it away right now because the police have come after us and they will catch you." Now we know why people take the Chinatown bus from NYC to Durham. The air smells faintly of pot, and I wonder if this ride is worth the money I am saving.

I have barely slept on this 8-hour haul, first working until the battery on my laptop died, and then slipping in and out of a daze as I think about my new tango routine, the euphoric feeling of the last week. Steph came to visit me last weekend and we just relaxed and spent time together. I always feel more myself after she has been here, more vocal, more cheerful and with a deep sense of thankfulness for her friendship. We have the ability to sit together for hours, just quietly reading, not needing to talk. And yet when we do talk it is effusive and thoughtful. She moves to Atlanta in June and I will miss being just a short bus ride away.

I read an article today about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and in it Will talks about making sure that the people closest to you are real, honest, and demand that you be the best of yourself that you can be everyday. That the people who ask this of you are the ones you should keep with you as you journey through life, who will tell you that hard truths but also believe in you and support you. It has been my great fortune to find that in many parts of my life, especially in dance.

Winter has lingered long and late this year, the evenings still with their chill and the trees only just now pushing themselves to blossom. The flowers appear, startled themselves, and when I walk home from the subway I think there must be nothing more beautiful than the bright blossoms against the night sky, lit from below by street lamps and shop signs.

This weekend I will reunite with many friends from the Fuqua MBA class of 2012. These people who have encouraged me to follow my passion, who modeled for me the meaning of dedication, hard work, generosity, compassion, as well as how to build a financial model in excel. It will be warmer in Durham, and although I will miss dancing on these three days, I hope to gain the clarity that distance brings (and the weight that days off will also bring!)

Sharron sent me off with bubble tea and the encouragement to: Do what makes you most happy. There is no greater wisdom than this. Happiness permeates me, and even this absurdity of a bus ride seems part of the great adventure that is my life.

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