Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

A Little Ditty

On the subway ride to the studio two young men came on, one with a ukelele and a lovely voice to sing The Lumineers' "Ho Hey", the other who wandered up and down the car beating the rhythm on his hand and shout "hey!" "Ho!"  I couldn't help but be charmed by this bit of song to warm up a grey day.

This morning I found and spent an hour reading the "Humans of New York" page. Things like this make me fall in love with the city yet again. It seems we are most of us a little crazy, and we love it in each other. Truly, this is a city for people who love people, where even an introvert like me can feel common and connected to those around me.

The rain comes down today, turning last week's snow to puddles and slush. We are all bracing for ice tomorrow, as the temperature falls to a low of 9 degrees.

The studio has been crowded this weekend - people fulfilling new year's resolutions, perhaps? I can always recall in these times, the first time I set foot in Manhattan Ballroom and felt that music and intense energy thrill through me. Now I know the studio better, have been there in calm mornings and bright afternoons, have sat exhausted after rounds late at night, and relaxed with friends between practices. But it is the busy times that remind me what drew me to MBD in the first place, that remind me why I came to New York to dance.

We had our first lesson today as a fresh partnership, and it was also my first lesson in months. It feels so good to have direction again, to be asked to fix myself, to be better. I find that after the past year I've learned to take even the hardest feedback well, to bear down and fix what is wrong. And with dance, the problems are at least straightforward in their description (if not simple to fix). With coaching and hard work one can at least make progress on them - not always the case with larger life problems.

Tomorrow it's also back to my regular work, for I've left many things promised and yet undone. It's good to get back on a schedule, to return to rhythm and my "normal" life.
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