Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Little Thoughts from MAC

Yesterday was a day of much joy. Including reunion coffee with Rachel, and a short but productive practice, I saw so many of my dance worlds swirling together around me.  Many people who had trained me, whom I trained, who trained alongside me, who were cheering me on as I was training – suddenly they were all there together at the Manhattan Amateur Classic. I felt I belonged.

And finally, finally, I was able to watch a competition without that deep, gut-wrenching ache of wanting to be out on the floor.

Instead, I could watch and feel a deep satisfaction over how their lovely dancing complemented their lovely personalities. I love spending time with these people who helped me become the dancer I am today. Can one ever express enough gratitude? I doubt it.

Now I am drifting over the scattered dishplates of crop circles, and the spider-veins of rivers, feeling very much at peace.  Although I already miss practicing, I’m glad we are forced to take a week off -- to have a rest, to spend time with our families and normal lives for a bit, to put some weight and muscle back on – before we head into a month and a half of back-to-back competitions.

I’m calling the upcoming week in Telluride my “high altitude training,” which it is, but it’s also going to be bacon and eggs every morning, home-cooked group dinners, and working time. It will be catching up with Steph, whom I haven’t seen since she moved to Atlanta, and being with Robert and Julia and the future baby (my niece!). These people know me the best. They revive me and ground me. My only goal is to bask in our precious time together, so that I may come back to NYC healthier than when I left.
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