Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

A short footdate

A very short update today.

It's been a quiet week, with lots of long working nights. But it has also been a great week. My PT cleared me to continue dancing (no bone damage from the hike apparently, just muscle strain), and this week she wrapped my foot up and it's been so effective that I was able to dance full out today in my lesson for the first time in months. It feels amazing.. to be able to trust that my foot will be there, and actually find new places in my body to work through.

Slow and steady will win this race.

Oddly enough my dancing with C has improved significantly in the time we took off, almost as if the time away allowed all the good information to seep in, and the bad habits to disintegrate. He's been so great through my whole recovery, keeping me laughing when I get down about my recovery, and now that we're back to the floor (albeit at something like 25%) he demands my best.

My new roommate, Heather, has also been wonderful. Leaving me brownies on my desk in the morning, checking in with me about my foot, cheering me on. And despite her insanely busy schedule (she works and goes to school full time), offering to run errands for me!

It feels like real winter at last in New York City. We had a midnight snowfall, followed by rain, and yet this morning was still replete with the sound of shovels and snowplows scraping the sidewalks and streets. We're scheduled for more snow on Monday and Tuesday. As much as I like the warmth of summer, the city in snow slows down, and feels like steadiness. It's also in this weather that it feels most comforting to hunker down in my comforter and read.
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